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CubaSeen is a photo zine published four times a year. Each issue features photo essays, showcased photographers, and narrative pieces, all reacting to a single topic. Subscriptions are available in collectible print and digital formats and cost 15% less than single issues.

Print & Digital: $70 / 1 year / 4 issues

Digital Only: $35 / 1 year / 4 issues

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Single Issues

Single issues of CubaSeen are available in collectible print and digital formats.

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Layers/Capas, Issue #1

Our premiere issue features photography and written narratives on the topic of Layers. Available for pre-order now in both collectible print and digital formats.
Print & Digital: $21 / single issue
Digital Only: $10 / single issue

CubaSeen Merchandise & Art

CubaSeen is first and foremost about stunning photography and the artists who create it. We encourage you to subscribe and, if you have photographed in Cuba, submit photos for upcoming issues. If you’re looking for other cool stuff, we have that, too!

CubaSeen Tee-Shirt

CubaSeen Tee-Shirt

Comfortable and flattering. Wear it proudly!
CubaSeen Hoody

CubaSeen Hoody

Classic hoodie with a front pouch pocket and CubaSeen logo
Havana: Light Beyond Vision Books

Havana: Light Beyond Vision

Photo book by CubaSeen Co-Publisher, Andrew Child. Signed by the author

Zine Cover by Jennifer Spelman - Over the Tremulous Earth

Sobre la Tierra Trémula

Exclusive, limited-edition (only 300 will be printed) photo zine by CubaSeen Co-Publisher, Jennifer Spelman


Jennifer Spelman, Pink Cars Through Windshield, Havana, Cuba

Publisher's Folio

Open edition folio of 6 select images by Jennifer Spelman and Andrew Child, printed on archival, 11″ x 14″ paper
Havana Malecón

Fine-Art, Archival Print

Signed, limited edition print by CubaSeen Co-Publisher, Jennifer Spelman or Andrew Child
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