CubaSeen Image Submissions – Issue 09

Central to our mission of publishing beautiful imagery from Cuba is to showcase the work of non-Cuban visual artists who have been there. We invite you to contribute to CubaSeen by submitting images in response to each issue’s theme.

Our theme for issue 09 is CUBAN HEART. We’re looking for images that embody the vibrant spirit and emotional depth of Cuba, from moments of quiet reflection to exuberant celebration. Share your images that beat with the stories of Cuba’s cultural richness and resilience. We invite images that recognize the uniquely Cuban pulse present within the land, the sea, the architecture and of course, the people. Help us get to the heart of what it really means to be Cuban.

CUBAN HEART is open to all visual artists (photographers, painters, sculptors, illustrators, and mixed media artists) with an invitation to interpret the theme both broadly and creatively. We accept all formats, processes, and techniques.

Submission is digital and online only (no emails, please use the form below). Submit up to five images for consideration in the Showcase section of CubaSeen. Showcased artists will be credited and their sites linked in the zine. You retain all copyrights to your images.

Please join us in an enduring, and timely, conversation between artists in the United States and Cuba.

Image Specifications:

  • Images should be uploaded in JPEG format
  • Minimum dimensions are 3,000 pixels on the long side. More is better!
  • Resolution of 300 ppi is preferred but not required
  • Maximum file size is 20MB

Deadline: July 8, 2024


Everyone who submits images to CubaSeen will receive a complimentary copy of the digital edition when it is published. This is your notification of which images have been accepted. We hope you enjoy looking through it and perusing the work that you and others have submitted.

Please note that submission does not guarantee publication. You must be the copyright holder of images you submit and license their non-exclusive use in CubaSeen and related promotional material.

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