Image montage from Baracoa and Santiago de Cuba workshop. © Carlos Otero Blanco, Jennifer Spelman, Andrew Child

Photo Workshops & Creative Retreats

Our vision for CubaSeen has always been to create opportunities for visual artists from the US and Cuba to interact in meaningful ways. We like to think of our role as creating a bridge between two cultures that don’t always understand each other and what better way than through visual artists and writers?

The next step in the growth of this vision is offering unique, small-group photo workshops and creative retreats to Cuba. Originally started by our friends and mentors at Santa Fe Workshops, we are continuing the program with a half-dozen workshops featuring instructors Arthur Meyerson, Joe McNally, Leysis Quesada, Nelson Ramirez, and our own Jennifer Spelman, Carlos Otero, and Andrew Child.

Details and registration info are on the website for CubaSeen’s parent company OneWorldSeen. We would love for you to check it out!

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